Professional attitude even for a passport shot

My friend just told me that the passport photo I took for her has already passed the "Online Passport Photo Requirements". She is fairly happy because just before, she spent $20 for a passport shot in a Wellington photographer's studio, but that image DIDN'T pass the NZ Official Passport Requirements... It was because of over exposure...

I was a little bit surprised that some photographers dare to charge clients money and even didn't spend the time to read the regulations about passport photos...

It was actually my first time to take a passport photo for someone and I even found it quite fun experimenting with the lighting in my Studio. But it was also necessary because the passport lighting requirements are incredibly specific. The light has to be very soft, with no reflection on the face and no shadow in the background.

I ended up using two soft-boxes (quite far away from her) and one flash that bounced light onto the white ceiling and finally, I used a reflector which rested on her knees as well. Anyway, it was an interesting experience and ended up working out very well.

I guess later, if anybody needs passport photos in the Wairarapa, I will proudly say, "Yup, I can help!"

(# Passport photo taking in Wairarapa)