I have a terrible ‘pose’ face, how could you help me relaxed if you are my wedding photographer?

Yes, I can understand when people worry about their posed look, which can sometimes turn into a kind of "frozen" expression on their face. And to be honest, what I enjoy most is using my long lens to catch up the natural moments when people are really reacting with each other and when they're not even noticing that I'm there. It's part of my fun to tell the real stories of the people who are there. So I really won't have any trouble producing candid shots of you and Craig and your family and friends. Some people call this the journalistic style and I'm OK about this description.

Of course, there are times when I will have to jump in and get some more classic or more formal shots, but as a professional photographer, I will always find a way to make these as natural as possible.

The way I shoot these more formal photos is usually being quite relaxed about posing, I usually put my clients into the right light and then just give them some action guidance, such as not standing "square on" to the camera, but then I like to ask everyone to do some simple action, even something like putting their heads a bit closer together, which they can do in their own way and with their own expressions. And then I often take some quiet shots "in-between" those actions - when people don't even really think I'm shooting. . . . There are many good shots that happen in these types of moments.

And even if we have to do a couple of shots where everyone has to be looking at the camera, this can also be made relaxed and a little bit fun as well. Luckily I work quite fast, so I can usually get the necessary shots before everyone starts to look bored !