Gateway to your Photos on our Online Gallery

Welcome ! As a Client, you're now very close to choosing the images you'd like Qing to refine further for you !

And if you've been provided with a "Guest Password", you're equally close to choosing the images you'd like the Download Link for.

  • It's very easy to make your selection because a "heart" appears if you roll over any image. Just click the heart, enter your email address and click the heart again on the right hand side. Then you can keep on choosing !
  • To review your selections, click the "heart with a red circle" in the top right hand corner - and then the photo in the middle of your screen.
  • To remove any selection, click the heart in the top right-hand corner of that image - and to send us your selections, click the "paper dart" now in the top right hand corner.

We hope you'll also find this process easy to follow, but please don't be shy about asking us if anything is not clear !

Finally, a gentle request to please not print any of the “web-ready” versions of the images - because they haven't been prepared for that. . . Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated.

Anyway, here's where to find the images:

Gallery Link: