Maternity Photography

It's not complete without a print

I always feel excited when my images are printed on fine-art paper and I see them slowly come out from the printer. :) I could tell the texture and tones are much richer than on the more common matte and glossy paper.

#Maternity photography in Wairarapa, Wellington

#Maternity photography in Wairarapa, Wellington

Beautiful Andrea Weston just told me that her little baby boy has already arrived ! Congratulations to her ! She sounds so happy right now and her laughter also reminded me of the fun day we had when talented Gail Wilson and I documented her and her "soon-to-be-born" baby in a milk-bath in Gail's cosy "Turret House" Salon in Martinborough. Andrea loves yellow, so Hair and Makeup artist Gail set up a lovely yellow tone with lemons and fresh flowers picked from her garden.

And I brought my chiffon fabric to make the bath look even more dreamy and subtle.
I always think the maternity stage is so dramatically beautiful and powerful for women and I'm really looking forward to showing her these prints on the lovely fine-art paper.